Writing Help Documentation

Helpful documentation rests on two main pillars: structure and accuracy. The faster we can help someone find an answer to their question, the faster they can get back to what they actually want to be doing.

We want to empower every Zapier employee to update our help docs if they see a hole or potential improvement. To keep our voice unified and our structure clear, we follow some simple guidelines.


Help documentation exists so that our customers can solve problems and discover what’s possible with Zapier. Our docs cover a range of topics:

If your documentation doesn’t fit comfortably into these categories, /help may not be the appropriate home. Clutter can confuse people who are in search of a simple answer. Consider stashing docs that don’t quite fit in one of our internal tools.

Voice and Tone Guidelines

When someone visits our help docs, they’re curious at best and frustrated at worst. Write for understanding, add structure so your doc is easy to skim, and help your reader solve their problem as fast as possible.

Here are some tips on writing helpful documentation: