TL;DR Version

We cover a lot in this guide because quality content is important to us. If you only need a refresher or an overview, here are the important points.


Good content is:

Voice and Tone

Zapier’s voice is:

Writing Tips

  1. Write like you talk. Close your eyes and imagine saying this to someone, face-to-face. Be conversational. Ask questions. Use contractions. Read your work out-loud before you publish it.
  2. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. What’s important to the reader at this exact moment? Where’d they come from, and where do they want to go?
  3. Use examples. Make them specific to the reader’s experience. If you know they’re a Facebook user, talk to them about Facebook.
  4. Be brief. Get to the point. Work hard to trim unneeded words from your sentences. Never use a confusing word when a simple one will do.